Kotsomitis Real Estate

We specialise in Al Hamra Village Villas and Townhouses and aim to offer the most presentable and fairly-priced properties available in this segment
Our Services are rendered using 100% European staff who are experienced and competent and are aimed at the discerning real estate client
Expertise, Competence, Professionalism and Responsiveness in a framework of friendly and welcoming approach are uncompromising principles for our Agency.

​Kotsomitis Real Estate hails as one of the best and most professional real estate brokerages dealing in Al Hamra Village property.

Kotsomitis Real Estate operates in the realty sector of the UAE with a vision of attracting high profile investors and residents to the localities of Ras Al Khaimah. The company features a team of amiable and dependable real estate agents who are all certified by the government’s real estate regulatory authorities.