Exciting UAE Real Estate Investment Opportunity

…with Tax Free Returns and Strong Anonymous Ownership / Asset Protection Possibilities

Al Hamra Village and Al Marjan Island Developments

(Ras Al Khaimah, UAE)

Central Theme / Reasoning of the Investment Opportunity in Al Hamra Village Real Estate as explained by our Group Chairman:

  1. The UAE has recently won the vote (27/11/2013) to host the EXPO 2020 in Dubai! This translates into 6.5% additional direct effect on GDP per year for 5 years PLUS 10.5% for the last 2 years. In addition, $3 trillion will be spent on construction projects. All this is not counting existing GDP growth of 5+% as well as economic multiplier effects of this and the already solid financial position of the United Arab Emirates with 90 years’ worth of oil supplies left!
  2. UAE has been the first economy (and real estate market) to exit the global financial crisis, since 2011 (increase in prices of 40% since).
  3. The EXPO 2020 factor further strengthens the UAE’s growth and stability which is practically guaranteed now for a further 7 years!
  4. The UAE market is a top performing real estate market globally at the moment (28% returns this year to date).
  5. This is a project our Group is investing in considerably as our Chairman fully believes in its potential.
  6. Other top end global investors have invested considerably in the US$ billions mark in the last 4 years showing their support (Waldorf hotel, Banyan Tree, Royal Palace Hotels, The Banyan Tree – 2 resorts – The Hilton 9 hotels, Fort Hotels, Village Hotels, Palazzo Presidente!).
  7. The project is majority ‘Sheikh-owned’ and the first and most prestigious of his real estate projects – the ‘flagship’ project like Jumeirah in Dubai and will be fully supported and boosted as a first priority and at all costs at every eventuality.
  8. The Emirate shows >10% growth yearly compared to 4.4% in Dubai and has very low levels of debt and debt risk and is growth motivated but more conservative than other Emirates. It welcomes near to 1 million tourists a year and boasts a strong manufacturing base.
  9. The major infrastructure projects nearing their completion in 12-24 months (sea and airport extensions to maximum capacity to facilitate even the biggest carriers and vessels, seaside / coastal road project / RAK AIR launched and operated by Etihad adding flights all the time (daily to Moscow!) and many others). Emirates Road – 6 lanes – connecting to Dubai and Abu Dhabi is completed and has reduced travel time to 35-40 minutes to Dubai and 30 minutes to Oman!
  10. In other words the successful model of Dubai is followed but with a more conservative and so more stable and less risky approach.
  11. Although 40% above launch prices 4 years ago, prices are still reasonable (3 – 5 times lower than same standard and location in Dubai and even more compared with Europe.) This is a top-tier private seafront with around 1200 villas and 3000 apartments, many top hotels, yacht club, marina, golf club, mall, cinemas and many other advantages.
  12. Rental yields in excess of 6% can easily be achieved and the tenancy market is further supported by tenants from the adjacent Free Trade Zone area and Gulf resident holiday home demand. Townhouse rents have risen from 55,000 AED last year to 85,000 this year!

Who is this opportunity for?

… For those after amazing reasonably-priced investment opportunities with very low downside risk and huge upside potential whilst avoiding Dubai’s ‘steep climbs and volatility’ ensuring steady but considerable growth. Considerable upsurge of demand has been seen from Gulf Residents and Expatriates equally in the last 12 months, raising prices by 30%.

The prices are 3-5 times lower than prime Dubai prices and more times European prices for similar top-end properties! For example it would cost 485.000 EURO – (inclusive of agent fees, developer fees and connection charges, offshore company cost and full legal and notarial costs) for a top-end 5 bedroom / 270m villa, 50 meters from the sea and with full sea and golf course views close to the Marina and the Golf Club with top-end finishes and with fully landscaped garden, super modern swimming pool with cooling/heating, gazebo with pergola and two barbecue areas – one in the garden and one or the roof gazebo.

To see photos of our Group’s properties please Click Here

…For those after secure and trustworthy developers (the Al Hamra Development Company is majority owned and controlled by his Excellency The Sheikh himself)

… For those after high income / yield received absolutely tax-free and restriction-free. Net yields are at about 6+% at the moment! And the market is supported by tenants working in the adjacent RAK Free Zone Area with Al Hamra being the ONLY choice for housing of expatriate managers as well as locals’ weekend home demand and close to 1m tourists.

… For those after capital gain in a short (3-5 year) horizon received absolutely tax-free and restriction-free. Villas have appreciated by 28% so far this year and 12% last year.

… For those who favour low land department transfer fees (2% as opposed to 4% in Dubai)

… For those after secure, completed / finished development and real estate ‘ready to move in’.

… For those after amazing opportunities and lower prices of off-plan properties. The ‘Al Hamra signature island’ project (Armani / Fendi sponsored – 160 villas and mansions) is to be launched soon in the next 3 months. Our Group was virtually the first that received a VIP invitation to book villas and paid for the option to book … securing 20% discount on launch and post-launch prices!!!!

… For those after guaranteed freehold ownership to foreigners and ready-to-be-delivered freehold title-deed

… For those after choices: an amazing and secure, high-end lifestyle and at the same time a care-free, retreat-type living or, if opted, a wonderful ‘Village-Style’ atmosphere within a friendly close-community setting… Al Hamra Village offers you enjoyable activities such as golf, sailing and watching the charming sunset as you sit on the shore of the sea, as well as high-end restaurants, superb spa facilities, shopping in hand, all you have to do is just choose.

…All near the ‘Emirates and Gulf action’ …within 45 minutes to the City of Dubai , 30 minutes to Oman and 10 minutes from Ras Al Khaimah City!

… For those combining business with pleasure as the RAK Offshore and Free Zone Investment Authority which provides the most attractive and advantageous offshore regime in the Emirates (and the offices of the FBS Kotsomitis Group as well as the banks) are situated virtually ‘across the street’

… For those wanting anonymous ownership via a RAK / UAE offshore company and full corporate structuring by our UAE / RAK Firm

… For those wishing a problem-free management of their investment at the 100% level through the entire life cycle of their investment using our ‘turn-key services’ – THE FBS KOTSOMITIS GROUP are officially Licensed Real Estate Professionals with strong contacts on the ground to ensure your minimal involvement (reduced only to viewing and title-collection) … your property will virtually be a ‘stone’s throw’ from our RAK offices, ensuring all work/transactions/problems relating to your property are fully addressed within minutes!!!

… and last but not least:

…For those who value relying on the Supervision of our Chairman, Mr. Kotsomitis who is Personally Overseeing this Line of Business

Click here to arrange a meeting and property viewings with our Owner and Sales Director, Mr. Kotsomitis who is a registered broker and UAE and international real estate expert and serves on the Owners’ Committee of Al Hamra Village.

Click here to read the Investment Guide for the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah – Procedure and Services